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Chat up online with Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia, but i present myself as Oxlip. I am friendly and i like to smile a lot, i like and love to do it because i know one smile can bring many more and its brightening up a bad day. As i was saying, i am a friendly and sociable person, i enjoy having friends and to joke with them. People who know me, know what i am talking about. Hi and kiss to all my members who visit my chat room to have a nice talk with me, to know me better and to join my shows and my fan club: if you are tired looking for the perfect girl for you and also looking at boring girls..., this will not happen anymore if you join my wetback, because i'm 100% adorable, 99% beautiful, 100% intelligent, 99% funny, 100% friendly and of course very delightful and modest, i will not tell you million times to join my fan club because you will get and get and get, because you know already what you get if you join my fan club. I just tell you once, if you really want to know me better and be in touch with me all the time and see when you wish my videos and picas then please join my fan club and we both will be happy. Turns on: If you can make feel to ecstasy you will turn me on like fire, but if you can't do that i am cold as ice - which is all the time. A man who makes me fulfill every desire in life, i need a warm strong arms to hold me tight when i am sad and embrace me hard. I want to make love on the edge of the tower Eiffel in the light of a full moon where. I love to be watched by strange eyes and to make love to men i just meet. The best way to make me pleasant is to role play with my mind so i can feel your body against mine and did i forget the cam? I need to see you on cam so we can see each other ... . I need your cam and your body !!!That is what turns me on... .Turn off: A person who is liar, who begs for attention, and most important can not make me lovely!!! Beggars stay out!!!

Chat up online with Jade

I am a passionate, unique woman. Being on this site enables me to bring out my playful side, and hopefully make you happy and put a big smile on your face. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Jade. I'm 22 years old, and i'm a student. I'm from Australia. I live by one of the beautiful beaches here, and that makes me very happy. I go on my embalm from my very own bedroom, where I can hear the sound of the waves tumbling down... . Some things that i enjoy are making things with my hands... craft, ha, ha (especially Newell making), creative writing, reading, going to the beach, hiking in beautiful places, spending time with friends, cooking, going out to dinner, learning new things and dancing (especially belly dancing!). I love animals (no, not in 'that' way), I have done some animal rights volunteer work. I have many interests. Ask me, i'd love to talk... I love travelling. I don't think i will ever lose my desire to see the world; the different cultures and environments. I have been lucky enough to have a few amazing experiences seeing some other countries, and even live in one of them for a while. I have seen much of Australia also, where i've had some crazy adventures. I hope to travel to many more countries. I seem to be a perpetual student. I have studied creative writing, and have completed a journalism degree and a post-graduate diploma in teaching. At the moment, i'm studying Naturopathy, which I love. I'm very interested in health and fitness. I have had a fun, interesting life so far. I'm very friendly, so i love to meet new people. I'm also very open minded. If you want to know more about me, go ahead and join my Fan Club or have a chatter online with me! It costs much less for us to talk in private if you are in my Fan Club. So, that means more time for you and i to enjoy together, he, he. If you like me, don't forget to add me to your 'favourites' and join my Fan Club! I look forward to talking to you in my chatter room, especially in private so we can get to know each other more intimately. Thanks for reading my Bio. Turns on: Lust. The unfavourable state of mind, i am in, never felt so good. Addiction. We both know what to do to keep the contents of the mind objective. But i'm captivated by your mind, those heavenly eyes, and that smile, attachment. And even if i hide it well, i'm wanting you, craving for you, desiring you. And even though your mind is free, i just wanted you to know, that i'm enchanted by you. My turn on's: Sweet, polite men who have a big heart. Men who treat me and themselves with respect. Men who know how to seduce me to make me want them with intelligence, uniqueness, a sense of humour, passionate and sensual. Men who are good conversationalists turn me on. Turn off: Lack of respect. Meanness. Men who do not want to take their time with me in private. Being told what to do without being asked nicely, brutally... I am extremely turned off by this.

Chat up online with Valery

Hello you men and women from all around the world. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile - that means you want to know me better. Thank you. So nice to have members who find out about me before they come to the room and start asking silly questions. Well, my name is Valery; so nice to meet you. I am a young girl from Russia and i love this site. Really! Look at my questionnaire! I am a corpulent lady, and i love to hear your wishes and play with you in my special room. In my private room i will try to do everything i can to make you explode with ecstasy or i am just as happy to spend the time chatting up and getting to know you as a person. I just love your company!! I want to make your imagination reality, so tell me what you want. I just love to share stories and show you my attractive body. I also love to see your body, doesn't matter if you are fat or thin, girl or boy: it so turns me on to see you! And you can do that with me in free or private! How much fun can that be? Of course, my special love is kept for my lovely fan club members. For those wonderful people i have so much to offer! You all know about the recorded shows and discounts on shows, so i won't repeat all that, I also have special pictures just for my fans and if any of you want make requests for special things to be included (hey! Let's call it our fun club!) then you can email me and let me know and i will try my best to make it happen for you: videos, special pictures, new sections: just tell me. Also for the members, i do special things in the private shows: one of which is - only for them, I give sound - so you can hear my sweet gently accent voice! Now I offer phone in private! Talk to me directly - and our personal chat up will not be on the recorded shows for all to hear!! - all just between you and me! Because i love my fans!! Turn on: Nice guys, real gentlemen (or lady) and wonderful wishes! Guys and girls who appreciate me and show it, by voting 10/10 on my photos or recorded shows. Lovely people with a sense of humour and respect for a lady. Getting lovely messages from my fans through my fan club email. People who can make me smile! Make me laugh. Turn off: Men of 1 minute - come on guys: you want me all in 30 seconds? Be nice! Rude and offensive people - ok, we can talk unwashed in private, but show me some respect! Remember - my room, my rules: if you upset me, you will be banned!

Chat up online with Elisa

Are you ready for a lovely intelligent, sometimes really playful peppercorn with a tempting body and wild thoughts? If yes - come and join me now! Would you like to get pun with feelings, to try something special? I love experienced and tender men who know how to seduce a woman, how to make her to burn with desire and to be exhausted with pleasure! My name is Christina, the best bulgarian girl around...i'm here to make you dream at me and make you beg for more. Don't forget to give me a great review and a 5 stars rate!!! kisses

Chat up online with Elizabeth

I'm a girl with attitude, good tastes and elaborate wishes. I like to listen to people's problems and also their wildest thoughts and also share mine with them. Join my fan club for private show discounts, exclusive photos, videos and my secret wishes as well! I like smart and uncommon people whom i can have a good conversation with and share amazing moments, as well as talk and get to know each other. In my life i like role playing and rough love.

Chat up online with Caroline

First off i must say this: i'm here to make a little extra money and not to meet friends, to meet or call - away from this page. I've had some guys continuously beg me to call them or to be their friends off the site and I'm just not in to that. I would love to make friends to chat up on this line but that's all, nothing else. Please don't ask me to call you, email you away from the line or meet you. It's against site rules and against my rules. If you become persistent, i'll just block the user name so neither of us will be in an uncomfortable situation. This is not a dating site, so let's not act like it is one. If you're looking for a girl friend, make yourself a profile on a dating site...that's not what I'm here for. My name is Melanie and I am 25 years old. I currently reside in southern California and have been living in the area for seven years. I'm a very nice and down to earth person. I have a professional career, outside of this job and enjoy what i do everyday. I'm a very sociable person and enjoy getting to know new people. I don't get turned on by rudeness. Being polite will get you much further with me than being a bad rude, so please keep that in mind while we're chatting. In private, i do just about anything that's asked of me within reason. Since i have a "real" job, this job does not decide whether i get to eat or not. That means that if i don't feel comfortable doing something that you've asked of me, i simply won't. I'm not gonna starve if i don't get a dollar or so a minute. In video chat, i don't talk to you usually. Video channel is where i do a show with my most favorites toy. Please don't be offended if you are trying to talk to me and i don't respond. It's just hard to put on a show for multiple people and try to talk to various users as well at the same time. If you want to talk, we can do so in private - is $2.49 however, i will take it down to $1.49 a minute if i can get three or more people to join me there. If you're pleased with your show, please take a minute to come back to this page and give me the best vote possible! I really appreciate when my guys take the time to vote on me. I have had to create rules for a few people that i have encountered recently that do not catch on too quickly. So, here are some new rules that i am going to begin using: if you take me private and I say hello and you sit there and say nothing, (that would mean you basically are being really rude and ignoring me) I will stop the private show. I think it is common knowledge that when someone says hello that you should reciprocate the gesture. Come on, how hard is it to say hello? Use manners and remember that even though i may be your fantasy, i am not a fantasy girl. I am a real person and i have feelings and a personality just like you...wait, you do have feelings and a personality, right? If you are rude in any way at all....even if you are not trying to be but i take it that way, i will ban you forever from my chat line. It is not hard at all to be polite and show a little manners, so please do so. Also, if you ask me stupid questions, i won't ban you but probably i will ignore you. Sorry, but i just loathe ignorance. Do not ask me to "show a part of my body and i'll go private or i'll join your fan club".....guys i was not born yesterday and i am actually pretty up to date will all the "tricks" you guys pull on the girls who work here! Do not ask me for a preview show. Look at my profile pics or view my recorded shows for a preview. Turns on: I love, love, love tattoos and lots of them at that! I am highly attracted to cops, firefighters, marines and navy guys. I also really am turned on by older men and love gray hair. Being polite and respectful is a must in my opinion and i don't tolerate anything to the contrary. I like to have cam-to-cam in private so if you have a cam, please turn it on. I also love my guys who like to let me see them dressed in women's clothing. It turns me on a lot! Turn off: I hate rude guys! I've encountered a lot of them lately for some reason though. When you come in private with me, please at least say hello before you start demanding things of me. I like to get to know you a little when we first go into private. If you're rude in my chatter, i will simply ban you from my room. It's no bogie because there are a ton of nice looking girls on this web site that you can talk to. Maybe you can even find one who is turned on by disrespectful guys. It would be very sad for me to have to ban you because i'm sure we both could have had a lot of fun together if only you would have been a little nicer.

Chat up online with Melanie

Use every inch of me to satisfy your hunger. My set of tools, great choice of outfits, devices and feet wear will help you. So much clothes, stockings, shoes, masks ... plus my super body!!I like to clasp you with my tight narrow wish and to be reduced while i squirting for you, i like requests, guys with creative mind. I'm so hungry and always juicy and playful. Wanna to be exhausted into devil loss with me? I'm into talks and orders and i love to be 3 in some style

Chat up online with Lillian

I am fun and flirty with just a hint of bad girl thrown in to liven things up. I only come on when i am warm and want to play for you. I really love to see other peoples cams. I think it is really nice. (Oh wait that should probably be in the turn on's ) I love to be told what to do.... it really turns me on. So if you want to make me all showered... If you want me to be yours: say hi to me when you come in, tell me what you want me to do for you in private and be nice to me.

Chat up online with Pandora

The queen of horse play is here! Pandora is ready to give you what you crave! See what all the buzz is about... don't skimp! Who needs viagra when you have access to so much unveiled unrated fun! Tools, webcam action, online video. Attention, smut novels, men and women in uniforms, nice dancing, sweaty presence... talking in private makes me so open for you all! I love men and women that get right to the point and love teasing for me...

Chat up online with Simona

I am twenty five years old, and eager than even. I enjoy boating, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, movies, and food. My thought on life is "enjoy it while you can, tomorrow is never promised". Some of my favorites are Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, 151, Pepsi, steak and potatoes, the colors green and blue. My favorite flower is cherry blossoms. One thing I would do over in my life would be to wait on getting married... I wouldn't have been putting up with my babies daddy right now... . Due to the disrespect of non-paying guest and others disrespecting my fan club members, I have decided to limit my online activities and my private show participation. If you want to see me in action you can take me private. If you are not a fan club member there will not be any game in private. I also, do not do phone in private(so do not ask). I will talk to everyone in my channel, as long as you respect me, I will respect you, unless you start talking about sick twisted or disgusting things and I will only do outfit changes for my members. Sorry for this sudden change but I'm tired of people taking advantage of me. Turns on: 1) Men who talk scummy 2) Jacked up, pick-up trucks 3) Men who know what they want 4) People who speak their minds 5) Farmers tan 6) Fast cars (no matter the make or model) 7) Music (slow country songs) 8) Deep or soothe voice 9) Sweat 9) Flirting!!! i love it Turn off 1) Feet 2) disrespectful people who tell me what to do 3) men who don't care about themselves 4) People who lie about their life ot their "shoe size..." 5) Authority figures..."men who act like they are the boss" 6) Odor (B.O) 7) Bad breath 8) Pushy people

Chat up online with Laura

I'm an eighteen teen red bomb. Don't be intimidate by my name, I could be a piece of heaven or your little red fire devil. No fakes - real squirt - cause this way I like! Admire my pictures, then join me through your fantasy and wildness men who knows how to treat a woman; people looking at me, provocative dance, live movies, italian food, computer hobbyists and nothing else!

Chat up online with Sophia

Hello everybody, great you find me on chat up line and come to read my bio page to know me little better. Well i'm here for enjoy you and me, of course too, because i really like to be watched and make all that cute stuffs here. I wish you feel so comfortable here in my room and talk with me a lot. I'm here to please yourself and i will try to do all for you. If you want know me more better well, ask me. Turns on: I love be watched when i play for you, i love watch you play for me too, i like touch my body for you, i like imagine us two. I love feeling your kisses all over my body and make you crazy when i'm all ready. And, i love to go together... Turn off: Guys with no respect, liars, players, wanna be go-between. People who don't know laugh.

Chat up online with Grace

Your favourite high school college are right where you want her - under the cover and waiting for you! Take one look at this campus and you'll understand why rates are skyrocketing. Her body is flat out perfect. All beautiful girls are waiting for you in her angels bed! Join me now! Turns on: whatever that can bring joy, he, he, long talks and games. Turn off: rude guys

Chat up online with Brittany

I wanna become your personal puppet. Let me act and scream for you, no faking either! I love to make myself ready for you, it's so nice to me. I'd like to play with my tools for you, anywhere you want. You will like what you'll see. I'm waiting for you with a smile. Can't wait to play. Turns on: I am turned on by the excitement of both genders. I especially love a rock game. It make me when I get direction, makes me feel like your slave. I truly want to give you the best interactive experience of your life! Tell me all about your wish desires... Turn off: misunderstood people!

Chat up online with Cecilia

Hello! I am from America! New York city to be exact. This site is crazy. My guy friend told me about it when he found out i had the 'pole' in my apartment. I practice everyday anyway - i should put it on line show, why not. I love you guys. And i love the power. I know what you want, and i know i've got it. I just want to have a good time. We're not here to live a long life, we're here to live a good one! Turns on: almost anything! Ok, maybe not, but i don't even know where to start. I'll get to this later. Turn off: I will try my best not to take anything personally so feel free to be yourself, to do or say anything you want, i think that's the point here. Just try, not to insult other guys though cause then i gotta get involved,(i'm no diplomat) and that just takes time away from the reason i'm here. To do my favorite thing in the world. Make love to myself!! ha, ha, ha. But seriously, i've never gotten this kind of talk before. It's amazing - i get upon line always a good time without even touching myself. So thanks for the fun. Join my fan club and you can see all of my exclusive escapades!

Chat up online with Keith

I am tiny little cute girl...I am like a toy....come and play with me....You can see my online show. Who doesn't love a playful little brunette? I'm every man's dream wish. I'm eighteen year old, i can't wait to get you on line and get myself off for you. ... great muscle body, blue eyes and red talks, i do all show upon your favorite game and very open for everything new, just come. Turns on: when you really know what you want: I like big boys! When I can see you on line... how strong are you... Turn off: rude, impolite people!

Chat up online with Lola

I'm a very open minded young girl. I love to dance, enjoy music and party all night long. But when I feel very willing and playful you can find me only here. Webcam line drives me crazy so feel free to join my shows and don't miss it! IMPORTANT: Join my fan club and get: -10% off live shows discount -20% off if you're a premiere member! -free photos of personal life and videos recorded of my shows -get more of my attention -answers to all your emails -special bonus in Private -sound of my voice -best dances Turns on: if you really want to make me heated, ask me to play with my juicy, fresh little pink wish. As spoiled little girl I love to wear stocking, high heels and to smoke during my chats up. What you can see in my private! my game ... If you have any other i'll be gladly happy to make it be come real for you! Ask me. Turn off: ... Talking to much on free!... I don't want to talk about it,but I try the best i can not to be turned off but, one thing i hate too much is those guys who ask a lot in free channel... I hate it... I hate it when stupid guys who's brain is in their stomach.... Too hungry for me but doesn't want to pay... Buy credits if you wanna play... I don't like loosers so don't waste my time for nothing and then I will not waste your time in private! The will discover yourself... kisses

Chat up online with Tania

Let me introduce myself, I'm Tania, I'm 20 years old, I'm pretty open minded and always looking for fun! I'm walking down the street alone. Nobody is around me. Just trees and dark buildings. But one building on the end of street is lighted well. I'm going there. Suddenly I hear steps behind of me. The man. Breath is hard. He is following me, step by step, closer. Thrilling. Closer. More step... the building is close already. Several steps and I'm in. The man following me as well. I'm coming into hall. Well lighted hall. But I don't want to turn back to see him. He is still behind of me. I'm hitting the button and waiting for the lift. He stay next to me. I can smell his perfume now. Fresh...frost...My kind of men's perfume. Lift's doors opened and I came in. He followed. I don't want to see him, I like to imagine. Suddenly I felt his hand on my back. He put my skirt up... and.... started... I was so excited and thrilled.... we end together and I was ready to turn back but... lift's doors opened and he left. I was going up... Don't forget to join my fan club! You will find many surprises there. Turns on: love to be watched.... affectionate talks.... love it when you share your thoughts with me and I can share mine with you.... and when we make our wishes come true together! Turn off: rude guys, greedy guys, beggars, let's respect each other!

Chat up online with Hilda

I am working and spend much of my free time enjoying nice chats and games with people who need a friend or something more... My philosophy on life is that freedom is hard to get and maintain but it worths. Turns on: I like a man/woman who tells me what to do. My all time favorite wish involves being in the same room with a men, doing him an show while he can't touch me. Turn off: violence and men with impolite language.

Chat up online with Ingrid

I love to explore emotions and sensations. I want enjoy with you strange and different things. I like the challenges, I like new things, this is the opportunity so that we can discover what still have not be able. Turns on: Enjoy with you a big or small pleasure and i love that. You teach me as is your wish. Turn off: I don't like to be alone in my room

Chat up online with Sophie

Hello from asian country . My name is Lovely-love. I am an extremely nice young girl of twenty one year old with black hair, enchanting brown eyes, a mesmerizing smile, lips that are so kissable, long slender legs, an abdomen that is delectable and a little tight body that will drive you crazy. Oh, I forgot to mention my nickname - love! I know you will agree. Let me tell you a little secret. I just can not seem to ever get enough. I want more and more and more. I am here for your enjoyment and I love to have fun. I have an open mind and love to play as only you and I can play together. I love being alone with you. I get so excited. My strongest desire is to make you happy. I know that you will be endlessly happy with me. I love to see you touching, whether it is the slow movement of your body next to mine or a pulse pounding throbbing of my sweet spot. You know, I have several very enjoyable sweet spots. I think you know what I mean. I am here for you, always and forever. You will find that my word is strong and true. I have a huge heart and love to hear about you. I love to dream. I love to share. Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams with me, I love to listen. If you want to just talk about your day, that is fine too. But, let's talk together in private. I don't want the whole world to know our secrets. If I can help you, I will do my best to make your time with me more enjoyable. If you just wake up, if you have had a long day, if you want to relax and sleep like a baby, then I am here. There is always hope for tomorrow and dreams for the future. I want to make you happy. Oh my! I love to play with my lips, my fingers and my toes. If you really want to share more of my world, then join my Fan Club. I have so many videos there that are updated daily. I know you will enjoy. Plus, it is easier for me to stay in touch and I love my fans. And if you join me we can play more ,long and a lot here in private and i will do all you want because i want you to be happy... so guys visit me, join me and have some it's is waiting for ... I truly appreciate you being a part of my world and I hope that you enjoy our time together as much as I do. My desire is to make now the best year of ever!!! I will try my very best to make sure that our time together is rewarding, happy, and full of excitement. Oh my!!! I will wait for you. Turns on: know me on personal level and i'll guarantee satisfaction Wanna know what is it? join my fan club... i do it only for members... oh you will like it so much. The beauty of a girl is not in the clothes she wears, the shape of her body, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty shows up when she is satisfied with pleasure, so join me and let's drink from the cup of pleasure.

Chat up online with Samantha

Hello for all and wellcome on my bio page. Come on to see me in private doing things that you wish! Special treatment on free and private channel for my fan members I would really appreciate if you rating me with 10 then you leave from my private show. Thank you for all and I hope see soon ! kisses. Turns on: *In normal life I love everything about enjoyment... passionate kissing, touching, I love to change positions and try new things. In private I wanna show you all what I like to do to for friends. Nothing is more exciting for me than watch you play on webcam while you watch me. Turn off: peoples who leave my video without say bye! beggars! people who treat me as a robot! I am 110% female and I love the interaction. it's a two way street! turn me on and the reward will be a amazing. Now that's a promise! If you are good... I'm great

Chat up online with Stephanie

hello everyone, my name is Stephanie but you can call me "Steph"..i'm twenty six years of age... I love to show myself playing to everybody who loves to watch a girl; when you come in private you will not regrets because i promise that you will enjoy watching my private's show, so what you will waiting for come to my room and visit me and we gonna have great fun! I'm waiting you !!! kiss... Turns on: nice person, sweet and honest and most of all she/he can respect me even i'm working like this because i'm still a person who get hurt's and have feelings too... i hope you understand... i love you! Turn off: rude people, liar and guest who just ask me to show all in free channel, this is a paying site so don't expect that you can see all for free, if you just be like to see what you want be member and have credits so we can have fun in private ... thanks!

Chat up online with Sandy

hello i am Sandy and i am nineteen years old, i love to chat up a lot but i love when other people see me playing ... i am very happy and sweet and i'm very friendly smile Turns on: feeling for my man back to me caressing and kissed me on the neck and back..... Turn off: i want nothing when I'm turned off, anything ...

Chat up online with Lucy

I'm good girl with open minded wishes and really nice body which needs to taste and play with. I'm here for your to join, waiting for your desires...I'm interested in man psychology and will be very glad if you share with me your secret ideas and impressions in occasion of all women and me in particular... men involve me completely all... The only one thing that i need - you must be open-hearted and honest with me and I'll be all yours. You can be my best friend, it's your own choice. I am always glad to see you in my room and ready for you! Also welcome to my fan club, there you can see my video and see my photos even from my every days life// to know me better. Turns on: like when you take control over me, and tell me what you want. Turn off: In the "writing ideas" for this window says that I could tell you : I'm a nice girl so i don't want you to... I don't want you to be shy to tell me about!

Chat up online with Mileny

My name is Mileny, I am twenty one years old and i am the realistic girl on this line chat . I don't only want to make money, I also want to make friends. The reality is that all the girls on webcams only want your money, I like to do it sincerely and if you don't believe me you can prove it by taking me. You know what I like to do in my channel? I like to have fun, dance and have a great time. I just want to make all of your dreams come true and I hope that you let me. I am the realistic girl on this page, kisses. Turns on: I like to please all of the guys in everything. I like that a man makes me feel like a special woman and it excites me that you see me taking a shower. What turns you on? Turn off: what turns me off is that no one pleases me, and that no one joins my fan club. You know, I take care of my fans, more I please them because they believe in me and love me. You wanna be one of my favorites? Then join my fan club. If you join my fan club you can also read my personal diary as well as see my photos and recorded shows

Chat up online with Afrodita

Hi, i am new here but i have a feeling, i'll do fine because i love to be in front of web camera and meet interesting people. I don't judge people, life is to short for this, so, size the day and do all you dream at, to not end up at an age when you'll have only regrets. Turns on: great guy, meaning an attractive, honest, attentive, gentleman. Someone who has the strength of character to admit he was wrong and try to make things better, someone who respects other people and loves life itself, a good sense of humor, class, tequila, walking on the beach, romantic dinners, receiving flowers on no occasion - angel fragrance, the seaside, getting crazy on a night out, ice cream, massages, a sunrise with the perfect guy. Turn off: rude, pushy people, stupidity, lies, arrogance, big egos, snobs, racists/homophobic - shallow people, close minded peeps, extreme jealousy, ignorants, compromises, cold weather, being sick, when people leave my chat line without saying good bye

Chat up online with Grace

Become a fan! Let me give you a few reasons why: 1. you will be able to view my private shows at your leisure 2. I pay close attention and stay in contact with my loyal fans 3. Instead of paying $4.99 per minute, as a loyal fan you will pay $1.99 per minute 4. I will go the extra mile and take your advice and ideas during my private shows 5. I like a man who tells me what to do. 6. If you really want to get my juices flowing, all you have to do is, become my fan! 7. You get my personal email. 8. You will have all my attention. Join my fan club and we will have a lot of fun together! In my private show you get to play on line, just come and let me give you all my attention. Either way, I love to see you all! Please be kind and remember to vote for me. Kisses Turns on: I think every woman likes to be seduced and in my opinion key is not to advertise how much you want me, but to make it clear why I should want you - sense of humor is a great quality, I love to laugh with you and sometimes at you. - I like to know what really turns you on... - I want you to know that we can have good time in private anytime you want, seriously! - I like hugs and hand holding and no, it doesn't always have to lead in private but we can have you want there anytime you want, did I mention that? - I like when a man takes control and makes me lose my head - joining my club, it's the best way to show me you like me and want to get to know me better - ten votes can only help me and my work here, right? so be a gent and do it, that is free - thanks Turn off: cheap, rude, pushy, angry men

Chat up online with Brenda

Hi there guys, let's take a chance to be happy together! I'm a cute and happy girl with a nice personality and cute smile. I always like to dance and shake my body! I like to dress very red and to seduce you to discover all of me. Make me want you and I will get all for you; don't forget to add me to your favorite list. If you have enjoyed my shows, please remember to vote! - have 30% and 20% discount, all videos free engraving

Chat up online with Ariadne

Hi, I'm Ariadne, from Argentina. I'm ready to have a pleasant time with you. Hoping to satisfy and enjoy all your desires, without rules or limits. When you join to my fan club you'll get: 20% discount, mail contact and picture exchange, recorded videos, weekly videos, special treat for you in private, more of my attention. Turns on: open minded people and most of all, I enjoy a lot to show all my desires. So don't hide anything and share with me... you will not regret of it. I also enjoy to see and to be seen, as well as you show me all of you. The best is when a person is open to new ideas and don't afraid to show what they like. Turn off: liars, rude persons and most of all those who doesn't know what to decide.

Chat up online with Miranda

Warning: this girl may cause spontaneous sensations. Looking for some decadent pleasure? Well, you've found the girl who can provide you just that. I'm addictive. I have a real pink appetite. Can you imagine how it would be to touch my body? I've got a superb body, and i'm not afraid to use it! Turns on: I have a high feminine drive and i know just how to please a man. I love to do it, and oral drives me crazy. Get me really worked up, and i'll be begging you to give it to me up my legs. I'm a bad girl who needs it hard and often. I'm going to make you hard first and make you explode then... I enjoy performing on here and I get a real pleasure to pleasure myself while you are watching me and wanting me so much. Turn off: one minute men! I am here to have fun with you too, so there is really no need to be rude, it only takes one second to say bye. Don't like rude, in all displays, stupid guys who think that they are the most important. Welcome to my room, but please do not be rude, impolite or an villains. I'm a woman down to earth. You are visit with me will be lasting

Chat up online with Cindy

Hey everyone, I'm Cindy, nineteen years old from Brasil, Rio de Janeiro. I'm a model here almost two years now, most of you guys know me already and wanted to thank you all for supporting me and for the good times spent together. I love my time here and I am online everyday, I kinda got addicted to it. Few things you should know: I like getting to know you a little better before private, makes it more personal but sometimes a quickie does the job also i guess. I have many friends here which I think it's awesome, love having them around and have to admit during the time I was here, they spoiled me and also entertained me sometimes, kind a friends with benefits, gotta thank them for that. I do have some tools for fans, I like it a lot but if that's what it takes to push you in my club, be it! Why I always stress you to join my club? he, he, because it's a great deal for both of us or I should say for over 500 of us - discounts, photos, all my recorded shows (updated every hour),many outfits, special requests and if you like me just check it out, think pink. You will keep in touch with me for all the time even if you find me on line here you can drop me a line to my personal email anytime. Thus we can exchange our messages, minds, photos and videos. You will got twenty four hours in a day seven days in a week access to my private diary where I share the most intrigued, in and out of my personal life. You can watch my recorded videos shows anytime, anywhere, as much as possible absolutely for free! You can see the bunch of my high quality photos and recorded videos created specially for fun club and shows just for my fan club members. You can arrange private channel with me and point out what you would like to see there. You will get special or mega discount for live video with me for ever! You won't believe how much more fan club members like you get from me. As a free member, you get the "good stuff", I don't ever share with my regulars. For example, would you like your own massive library or practically every archive, video clip, replay, live streaming moments and movies I've created? And that's just for starters! Get more! More from me, more attention, more content, more intimacy, more freebie, discounts and deals! ...oh, did you see the Mel Gibson movie, what women want ..thought a lot about what men want and why they didn't made that movie, but I guess it would be just too objectionable, ha, ha

Chat up online with Katherina

The most popular questions you guys ask me in my channel: Name? I am Kathe, or Katherina. Age? I am twenty two years old. Location? Siberia. It's a large part of Russia. And don't try to seem funny by asking me if it's cold here or what did i do to get here. What do you do for fun here? I watch boys, girls like watching no less than you. What do i do in private? To be honest i don't like discussing it in free channel. You easily can watch my videos or take me private and find out all my preferences. Do you still have some questions? Do you wanna know more about me? Join to my club! There is a good questionnaire. Over 100 recorded videos and all the pics of me. That all you will get plus discount for private channel with me. Good deal, really? Stay cool! Turns on: I am sure, you will find a way to turn me on without some silly questions. At least i hope so.. Turn off: rudeness, quick man who don't care about my pleasure. Beggars!

Chat up online with Johanna

I have everything and I am waiting for you to watch me, I have a huge load just for you, anything you dream, you can do here with me, just come to me, try me, and you will see that this is not just a dream, I will be here waiting for you and thinking at what you have for me. Turns on: young, cute, ready to make all your dreams come true, anything you dare for, I will flex my nice hard muscles, and show my body but be careful baby cause I show no mercy. Turn off: beggars, people who don't show respect

Chat up online with Vicky

I am twenty two years old, a passionate brunette; if you came in my channel you will find out which is my biggest witchery. I need to be hugged and have your firm hand stroke my full body. Come to see me in private doing things that you wish your lovely woman do for you. Come, your secret woman is waiting for you to fulfill your fantasy. I like to dress very light and to seduce you to discover all of me. Make me want you and I will get ready for you, come and join my fan club and you will receive special treatment and also obtain a good time! not fake! I love to dance for everyone, believe me you will always have fun, whether in public chat, or private. I always like to dance and shake my body. Thanks for all support and visits guys! You make my days (and nights!) Turns on: I love polite people who like to see and are make me happy and things is always a pleasure; I love older guys! when I know that somebody is watching me, i enjoying myself

Chat up online with Louisa

Have you ever dreamed to the girl next door? Well this sweety will have you begging for more. Come watch her as she pleases you in ways you never imagined were possible. Let her push you to the edge. I am a sweet innocent country girl with a big appetite. I have an aching wish that can only be cured by you. I love meeting new people and showing them what true southern hospitality is all about. Turns on: want a man who can thank me from head to toe. At the same time, I also want him to be comfortable laying back, letting me work every inch of his body to completion. Turn off: if you can't make the time to say bye don't make the time to stay. It's that simple. Bad manners and minute men, out

Chat up online with Kiko

Hi my name is Kiko! Most of my friends would describe me as shy. But oh boy, it's been my little secret, mine and Rico's... We love women like two cat's on a business trip and we see them again about as often. We love screwing under the stairs of our apartment building. I love to worship Rico's rock hard ego. I want you to watch and tell me what things to do next. Or you may be in time for a quickie! Help me design my new fan book. Let's make some pretty pictures. Turns on: If you really want to see juices flowing let me hear your talk. The more creative the better. Somebody that inspires me into action or you can try and take charge, i love to thank! see it on rico's face see it in my fan club. Help me design the new layout. Let's make some pictures. Turn off: rude people,gross people, men who do not like women.

Chat up online with Alice

worship goddess Alice; I love to be spoiled by my losers who have big wallets with tiny little brain attached, he, he, he, so amusing! Rule number one: pleasing me pleases you. That is your ultimate goal. Once I am satisfied and pleased, so are you. Got it? Good. I am the goddess Alice my time is extremely valueable - do not waste it. I am superior and smart. I am always above you and always will be. You are nothing to me. When you are in my private room you will have no control at all, not over your stupid little excuse for your stick, not over your brain, nothing. You are mine for as long as you wish to be - and that is an honour, don't ever forget that. Your money will be here from you and used as I please. Taking your "hard earned money" while I relax in my lavish lifestyle is what puts a smile on my face and that is your goal, loser. I better always have a smile on my face and you will make that happen. Never forget i am your one and only, and no one except me can put you into the mind state that your little brain is going to be in. Eventually, you won't even be able to get hard unless you are thinking of me and speaking to me and tributing in the way i deserve. I am a Princess and deserve to live the life accordingly and you cash cow, will make that happen, right? bats eyelashes, he, he, he. And do not worry, I will never ever allow you to forget your place and role in my life. What is a must for you right now, is to go to become my fan club member. It's a good beginning to please me. Turns on: men and women in need or release by means and role play. I like the feeling when your cash slipping from your fingers straight into mine. Worship my perfect body, spoil it with your hard earned cash. If you don't have enough to impress me get another job, because I want it all, everything you have, house, life insurance policy and more... Turn off: I don't like disobedience, dishonesty, disrespect and boys who just wish to please themselves. That does not fly in my world. Do not ever think that you will be anything more to me than just my little piggy bank, understood? Good. I do not care about your wife, your personal problems, how bad you are going to be for money if you spend some more time with me in private, how many days you are going to have to go without eating, none of it! I do not care so do not waste my time with tosh you will simply be hung up on and left to lust for the only thing that put meaning to your life. You are nothing without me.

Chat up online with Claudia

Sweet little body a sensual tease, the nicest, the frolic and the fabulous frivolities. Bring your party hat, you'll need it! I love to dress in all sorts and suggestive outfits. In free chat up I dress as I desire, in other channel I tend to do a lot of pole dancing; that's where you direct the show, and we can get it far. If you'd like to go private please ask me about the outfits first as sometimes I am prepared and other times I'm just here to hang and chat, and wasn't expecting you. Always happy to accomodate you but I think it's best and wisest if we get everything prepared and ready before you click the button, so if you want a private show please allow me the moment to get things ready and set up to accomodate you. Thanks for your understanding some outfit options: swim suits; Gowns - red, blue, black; hats - red, black; super hero's - super, bat and wonder woman, james bond girl; german girl - dress and hat: car racer chick, mini skirts and tiny tops; lots of variables, flirty, tight, micro, mini, school girl, and more. Career suits- black, pinstripes, grey; cheerleader from hell - red and black leather outfit; skirt and vest black and white /PVC garter/corset outfit; furs - mink, beaver, raccoon; shoes and boots - a "few" pairs; lots of ideas and plots to play with there, and this is only a beginning ... give me a starting point and a general direction ... join the fan club and feel free to make a video request ... always happy to be your walking dream. If you are watching and playing on your end - I want to see! I expect to be shown, and permitted to watch; after all I'm showing you mine, so show me yours! so, send your webcam! Turn off: is there such a thing, I wasn't aware there was such a thing ... is there?

Chat up online with Fanny

If you wanna a real show and pleasure, just jump in my room - in private you can get me easy without beg, ha, ha, ha, ha, i love show my body and i wish to feel your hands against it, i wanna do some roles games with you and play until you stop, i can be rough, sweet and innocent... just choice and tell me your wish and we make it come true; and be careful, don't make me fall in love of you - i am pretty open mind and i don't like do things on fall ,anything you don't like? ha, ha, ha ...just slide... and i wait everyone in fan club, is the only way you can get all my attention, only way to get cheap private, only way you can watch all my recorded show for free, of course you will find in: clips, pictures, email, diary questionnaire, discounts for shows, fans prizes and me... wait you in what you loose if you not try? nothing, i was sure, so let's make my fan club best one ... i think you know me a little but i have a lots to give, share and get... kisses from J. - don't forget to bring smile and be really talkative with me or i have to talk for you, let me give you a piece of my happiness. Turns on: oh guys i need you and you need me... with my hairy kitty you will go very fast and with all the pleasure... come to me and you won't regret, kisses and hugs

Chat up online with Helena

Hi gentlemen, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my "bio" page. I appreciate it a lot because that means you want to learn a little bit more about me and here I am! Please don't forget add me to your favorites, because then you can spend less time looking for me, and more time getting to know me better. I love hearing from you - I mean talk/play and especially private shows, because I love to know what is happening on the other side. This will help both of us spend more exciting time getting to know one another, and avoid any misunderstandings! Of course I love hearing the reasons who you chose to visit me - I'm simply a curious woman who likes gentlemen, and charismatic men who know how to treat a woman! have already added my fan club page. Please do not hesitate in joining it (Don't let the number of fans fool you, I only just posted my fan club page a few days ago). If you really want to get to know me and get a discount on private, there is no better offer than joining my fan club. The price for joining for one month is about the same as a 3 minute private session, but once you join you get to view all my recorded shows and also my private photos for free. What better way to get all of me you can handle twenty four hours seven days a week? Besides that you also get a special discount on privates! Thanks again for taking your time to find out more about me. Hope to see you soon in chat line and than visit my intimate show! You won't be sorry at all! Turns on: having a relaxing and chilling time and letting the mood flow! Soft kisses behind the ear, on neck. I love the french kissing - slowly at first and more passionate as things heat up, when we're in the best. Will you tell me in private what turns you on? I would love to know and fulfill that desire... beg you, please tell me all your little secrets. Turn off: rudeness and demands. My room is open for you, if you are willing to be nice and polite. But don't ignore me in my room, i'm not TV here

Chat up online with Daisy

Hi there guys, let's take a chance to be happy together! I'm a beautiful with a nice personality and cute smile. I like to listen the people's problems and wishes and also share mine with them. I like to wear light clothing because it makes me feel really good and i also love wearing high heels for you. I enjoy webcam because seeing you enjoying for me makes me so warm. I love giving everyone the best shows, especially my fans! I love my fans! Guys, don't forget to add me to your favorite list. If you have enjoyed my shows, please remember to vote! Turns on: i like to know what really turns you on and share your amazing dreams. You watching me and i watching you. Nice guys with a sense of humour and who know to respect a woman! Nice guys who vote with ten after watching recorded shows or private, thank you. Joining my fan club it is the best way to show me you like me and that makes me really loved! Turn off: rude men who don't respect ladies, men who don't join my fan club means they don't like me .... (what a turn off)... that's a men who settle for less than the best ... i hope it won't be the case, just try treat me like a real lady and I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Do not bother me if you're not of my club fans... why we can not pass the time for you and me to meet the best; register now and have everything; play, you want to be smart.

Chat up online with Vivian

I am a love before it's camera here, showing you all parts of my body, but i'm not an instant girl of the action; i love to create the relationship between you and me, our time called on together will be more than a simply show! So please allow a minute to understand each other, flirt small, I hope that you will think that. Join me now in video, be polite and you'll get all. Turns on: I love to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I love strong and gentle men with big hands and a warm heart. I love to care for my man and take care of him Turn off: stupid and superficial people

Chat up online with Ella

Hey, my name is Ella, I am cute leggy, brunette with big brown eyes. I am a classy respectable young ukrainian lady who is just dying to have lots of fun and games with the right gentleman. I am a positive, optimistic, realistic at the same time! Looking, wanting, hoping! What else? Of course sensitive, of course affectionate and passionate! Still lonely! I do not like this my characteristic, but I hope that soon I will be able to tell that I am not lonely any more, I want to be with my beloved man! Of course there are a lot of things I would like to tell you about, i hope that you have a lot of things to ask. Just contact me and we will see what will happen! Right? I'm waiting for my man. And surely you can be him! So let's check! I'm rather an interesting girl, like to communicate with other people. I've a lot of good qualities such as: honesty, loyalty, I'm very openness, easy-going... I like all people! Each person is like a brilliant... we just must see him! I'm tender, passion, I want to find the same man... I want to be beloved... I want to find the man who I can love and who will love me! I hope that's rather really... I'm waiting my dream will come true! I'm sure we will understand each other! I adore body experiments and I believe that you are for the nice adventures. I am romantic and it is great to make passionate love and look into each other eyes and kiss while you are inside of me but sometimes I am passionate on other style, cowboy or horse with deep in are the best way... I am creative and I adore bringing ice, cream and strawberries in our bed... Oh, now i'm getting ready while I am writing these words to you and imagine you are with me... I want this to happen soon, I believe you are hard now and you need the same... I am sure that we will help each other to quench our thirst together... Special offer for my fans: all my love and attention! My personal contacts(cell phone)so we can stay in touch twenty four hours in day! Every day new recorded shows and photos! Decide yourself! Just know, that it's always a pleasure for me to see you in my chat line! I will try to do the best for you. With all my love... your Ella. Turn off: I hate the most guys who don't know how to treat a lady

Chat up online with Jessie

Hi there! My name is Jessie and I'm a Californian girl. I'm super sweet, loving, and playful, but also honest. I'm here for having time of fun with you, but i am also easy going and a great listener if you just want someone to talk to and tell your desires to. As far as my show is concerned, I'm on this line to please you and want you to please me! I want to play with you every night and then I want you to dream of me. I will make your thoughts come to life. I am the kind of girl who thrives off how much I can inspire you. I will play with myself and show you what a good big doll I can be. If you have a webcam I would love to watch you get hard for me. We are going to have so much fun. Wanna play with me tonight?

Chat up online with Emma

I like to laugh, i love to be happy and be comfortable before we go in to private. Once we are in private i want to hear what turns you on and i want to be able to please you as much as i can. It's very important for me to be comfortable even though this is chat online and that can get intense at times, it's very important to me to continue to feel comfortable with the person. Turns on: I love oral before normal. I want to be provoked so bad, i'm screaming for it! I love when is so gone, i'm sweating, i smile and the entire time i'm turned on. Turn off: my turn off are rude guys. I love to talk up but i like to get to know you a bit first, it would be fake if i just do it on, you know. Don't be rude, i want to enjoy this to, so don't turn me off!

Chat up online with Alexandra

I'm a real B. I.T.C.H.(Beautiful, Intelligent, Totally, Charming, Host), I won't type a long list with all. The doing things, i'm doing in private. I will run out of space if you want some specific things about me, just ask me, I don't have many limits. Turns on: enjoy my private show for 1.99 and my channel for 1.49, let's have fun. Excites me when a boy tells me playful words, when he tell me how much he want me, it drive me crazy. Men that recognize a lady when they see her and treat her the way she deserves, i love the sounds of men when they are about to limit, that drives me lost. More for you is enjoy my fan club, we can plan a date and if you want to play with me, let me know when and at what time that you like and need me and sure you will have me one month of my fan club, you will watch for free my recorded show and more i'm very happy with my fan club all of you guys, are soo good to me and i just wanted to say thanks to each of you and for allowing me to enjoy myself with you guys as well and the time we spent together. Lots of kisses to you guys because you voted for me every time after you enjoy me(free webcam, private show, voyeur view or just on chat up), you know how to get me and treat a lady... they know that special ones are kept to enjoying my videos for free and you know what i do for you and what you do for me, keep enjoying my videos and you know what i give to you and what you give me Turn off: long chats and stupid questions are boring me

Chat up online with Clarence

I simply love having fun and aim to have as much of both as possible, which is why I really enjoy doing this! I've already meet lots of nice people on here and i am lucky enough to have many of them in my fan club! Putting on a great show and making you feel welcome in my room are the most important things to me. I love to please and it makes me really happy to know you've enjoyed our playtime! To make sure of this it always helps me to know a bit about you and what turns you on, so please feel free to tell me. If you have a webcam then please use it! Watching you on webcam, puts me ready on ... If you enjoyed my show, guys, then please don't forget to vote for me... giving me ten doesn't cost you anything and I really appreciate it! So why should you join my fan club? Well, apart from receiving far more attention, you'll get a 10% discount, or 20% if you're a premiere member. Needless to say you'll get to watch all my recorded videos too! Yet another reason to join are the extras, I only do for my fans... try me! The best way for you to show that you like me, and that's why I treasure all my fans! I love to see you in my room, whether you want to play or just talk, but of course, I especially love having you to myself in private! It's always really nice to hear from you so please don't hesitate to write to me. I will reply as quick as I can. Turns on: Just about everything turns me on,... but I get so turned on by online talks and by guys that know how to say 'hi' and 'please'! Having a sense of humour is also really nice. It also turns me on when you know what you want and tell me your thoughts! I love being controled and left feeling happy, so don't hold back! I can give as good as I get too. Turn off: one minute privates, and impatient or rude people that just waste my time. I won't hesitate to ban you! Be nice to me and I'll be even nicer to you!

Chat up online with Betty

I am a friendly, down to earth girl who loves to make others feel good and hopefully extremely satisfied. I am up for a variety of things to make your dreams come true. I am not a real traditional girl, I like spice and variety and i know to be twisted at times! I love to chat up, but I also is another side of me as well as online webcam and perhaps you can learn about that in private! I hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer you and if there is anything special you really like just ask me and I may be willing to do it for you, as I said before, I am a people pleaser. Kisses. I do my best to make all your wishes come true, just ask as I might be willing to try it. I only do phone for my fan club members so if you want to talk on the phone one on one join my club and you will have access to all my videos, pictures and blogs plus you will get a discount on all private shows! Turns on: if you really want to know what gets me, here it is! I love to hear a man talk whispering to me, tell me how cute I am and what he is going to do to me. I love getting passionate massages, I love for a man to take control of the situation and make things happen! One of my dream is to be surrounded by a room full of men with me all oiled in the center of all, drawing attention, and making them to want me that much more.

Chat up online with Peggy

You are about to get on the ride of your life! Your eyes will not believe the teasing stares, the sweet smiles as I look towards your innermost thoughts. See several dreams come alive in my private bedroom shows with chat, costumes, role play Turns on: there are so many things that turns me on; i really love watching people on line! I think self pleasure is really good. No matter who is doing it. In my time I have had plenty of male and female, and I've made sure that everyone of them at some time has everything in front of me. There are so many ways you guys do it, but my favorite when you get a little leaking out and you rub it around your helmet, and then let me have a taste as well. That's so damn good. I love being licked! Just love riding your face and tongue till i flood your mouth with my juices and make a mess all over your face! Make me this way and I'll be yours for the taking! I love big boys! Imagine, two girls in jacuzzi, full of bubbles, champagne and strawberries. She pours champagne over me, and starts licking it from my small buds, going down my stomach until she reaches my flower. I spread my legs and she puts a strawberry deep inside of me and keeps playing with my hard cherry! All of my body is shaking and i am about to reach! She goes faster until i scream and pulse in an amazing cloud! Then she takes the strawberry from my cake covered with my juices, sucks on it, and then bites into it. You like that, don't you? Also eye contact is a big turn on for me, then there's the consequences. Turn off: there are no such things wich can not start me. My stimulus to try all! Ignorance, arrogance, bad hygiene, though roughness is not welcomed also.

Chat up online with Tanya

Hey guys! thank you for visiting my profile! hello from sunny Siberia, I am Tanya, twenty years old, pretty, young and with unforgettable smile and shining eyes, lips that are so kissable, long slender legs and little tight body. Forgot to mention, I am sure you will be fascinated by my adorable chest. My look is maybe innocent but just enter my private and you see what devil is hiding behind this angel's face. I am here for your enjoyment and I love to have fun. I have an open mind and love to play as only us can play together. I love being alone with you. I get so excited. My strongest desire is to make you happy. I know that you will be endlessly happy with me. I love the love, whether it is the slow movement of your body next to mine or a pulse pounding throbbing of my sweet spot. You know, I have several very enjoyable sweet spots. I think you know what I mean, I love to hear about your dreams and share mine with you. Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams with me, I love to listen and hope to make your dreams come true. I want to make you happy. I love to play with my lips, my fingers and my toes. I want you to love me in any position you like, i am open for new things to try, just do my best to satisfy you. If you really want to share more of my world, then join my fan club. It gives you some advantages: cheaper price for private shows. I have a lot of pictures which you can see for free. I have so many videos there that are updated daily. I know you will enjoy. Thanks guys, kiss. Tanya

Chat up online with Jane

A real Texas woman who loves to play hard! Welcome to my play room! As you can tell by my name, if you are adventurous, I am twenty four years old! I am a Texas girl who loves to play! I have been told I am a good listener with an easy going personality. I would love to chat with you and share our hopes and hearts desires! For you more adventurous hunks, I want you to be the movie director and let me make your dreams come to life in living color! I have skin so smooth and silky that you will want to eat your dinner from my tummy. See you here! Turns on: my turn on's include a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to say so! A man who treats the woman in his life like a queen and spoils her! A man who is willing to work it until I am pleased to my fullest! A man that votes for me after a show, wins my heart every time! So don't forget to vote for me and my heart will belong to you! Remember to join my fan club to see lots of photos for the special guys in my life! I have many, many more. Turn on's: that I would love to discuss with you in private ! Turn off: rude and/or mean people! Please do not come into my play room and verbally assault my other guests. If you come into my play room and call me or one of my guests names I will kick you out so fast that you will have to play to catch up! So let's all play nice and have a great time! Treat me like a princess and you will be my prince charming! Please say goodbye when leaving. I would say goodbye to you!
Andrea and Dagmar

Chat up online with Andrea and Dagmar

Hello dearest and darling! My name is Andrea, a Columbian girl born in Venezuela, and ready for the most passionate adventure of her life with you. My girl friend's name is Dagmar, her dad is Danish and her mom is from Spain (just like mine, and our moms have big friends, just like ourselves, but sure, they don't suspect what their little girls are up to!). Please read on for our special offer and why you should become our fan. You are not our fan yet? Then read why you should join our fan club: for each fan club member we offer an exclusive high definition video to your email, a new one is made every weekend. Then there are some other wonderful incentives: 1. As a fan, you always have a very special, very low private show - $2.25/minute to add to your exclusive weekly video. We are two very cute girls open to new experiences and experiments, and we always want you to leave our room feeling as if you've been to paradise - and survived. So here's your special today's promotion: the price will never be less than $4.49 for visitors, and $2.25 for life for all fan club members signed between today and September 1 (when it will be up to $2.69 per private show for the newly signed members). Please note that this does not apply to specially priced on shows. 2. We love oral, both giving and receiving, and a hard play drives both of us crazy with desire. This is why we are here. We also enjoy more but these videos/shows will appear only and exclusively for our dear fan club members (see respective diary entry for details) 3. We have lots of outfits, and new ones appear here every other week, to give your eyes a more special treat each and every time you come back to talk to us and see us play for you with this incredible interracial passion. From June we will introduce shows available exclusively for our fan club members. 4. You will have an email capability to write us and receive some very personalized stuff as our treasured fan club member (and your special videos of course!). You will find a lot more information in our fan club's intimate diary, updated regularly. With love, Andrea and Dagmar

Chat up online with Sabina

Welcome to my gossip room! my name is Caroline, and I'm very glad you've found my chat line! I'm twenty five years old, and I guess the best description of me is a girl gone bad! I'm easily excited and full of life, and open in every aspect of my life, including my work time. I know it sounds cliche, but I really do get turned on by being able to share all my intimate experiences with you guys! I love to completely loose myself in the show. This is our world out here, and every new show is a new dream for me. I am a devil with a sweet face, i won't tell you that i'm the best or the most beautiful, i'll let you discover me just the way i'm: lovely, sweet, cute; i'll be your secret always here for you, kiss, kiss! Please don't try to treat me like a doll because i'm not! And don't forgot to say hi, i hate when a man come in my room and all I can say is "can i see your body?" Say hi to me and i'll be welcome you with a smile, show me that you came to see a person not a doll .... The others from here are real too, aren't just a image on a screen, aren't your toy, so don't ask me to show something in free channel and don't be rude with me, so this looks like you do the same in real life! Let's try to pretend an image, a real one and don't show our frustration. Because if you don't know to treat a woman here, how you will handle it with one in real? show me some respect and i will show you some great tricks. I've got all my photo sets and videos recorded online for you to discover, and I just know you'll love them all. I can not wait to meet you on chat line in my area! Caroline ,oh something more... all my fan club members deserve all the attention i can ever give them, join my fan club, you will have my aim kisses online anytime i am here for you, let's share our wishes. Join my fan club and find out much more about me and things - see all my exclusive photos and videos for fan-club member only! you 'll get 10 discount for all my percent privates, free recorded shows and if you are ,you get a premium member discount of 20 percent plus my full attention and of course for longer time in my private. I've got recorded at least 500 monthly shows, so you can enjoy yourself real good over there. When I talk to guys on my webcam they tell me that I have a sweet face and that I look very cute and innocent. I am a nice girl and I treat everyone I meet well, but I love to get over. What good is having fun if you can't do it from head to feet? I'm not really a shy girl either. I have been told I have a nice body and I enjoy showing it off. Knowing a guy appreciate my body really is a huge turn on to me. I want to meet cool guys that maybe will do webcam chats with me so I can see them while they see me. It's kind of a rush, I guess it is the ultimate in safe. Come and see more now! Turns on: hm, hard to decide, i like many things but i will let you to surprise me, what do you think? i would go crazy of pleasure if i would see you on the webcam

Chat up online with Cristina

Hello I'm Cristina, twenty three years old, I'm from Colombia, I am famous in my country, the best known model webcam. Some say that he had never seen a woman like me in the webcam, others say that having cyber wishes with me is like having it in real life and I only have to answer this "thank you" ,for me there is nothing more magical feel that it is almost real, I need this in my life, is the place where I can be what you really want to be, feel, enjoy, laugh, dance, I love dancing, seducing here because I am happy and because I am still single. My life is great, I am a woman disciplined, respectful, educated, ah, but I also have a strong character, I will not let anyone use or play with my feelings, my life is interesting and single people earning great values of the phase of my friendship, I hate clowns, people stupid, no brain, pathetic, superficial people. Life is very meaningful and blessed those who know why they are here. Well guys I hope to have many fans. Turns on: I like to know a little bit of every man before going to private, is possible in the free or in private, I like making love, feeling, kissing, play with your tongue, slow and hard; I look for real men not caged flowers, a man between me and indications,ah, makes me feel full. And what I love most is when I have a fulfil, I feel like my soul is clear of my body and my legs were trembling and I feel like falling drops of sweat from my skin. Wow "is the same sky"

Chat up online with Sonya

Hello guys! I'm happy to see you on my page and sure we can spend great time together. I'm Sonya twenty five years old, redhead with stunning natural flexible body and a sharp mind! Not too much for you? He, he, so welcome! I'm from my own home, in my own bedroom. I hope that you don't let me play alone, right? I love to play games, to make new pictures for my collection, to talk a lot, to dance and much more! I have high speed connection, super quality DVDs camera with zoom and sure sound for you (be sure that i'm very prepared). Are you a fan of nylon stockings? It's feels soo smooth on my legs, you can touch it right now! And sure my high heels - about six pairs here on your choice! From time to time i wear mini dresses - this days i feel really light, he, he. Don't miss to see how wide i can spread my long legs! Or you prefer to see my legs behind my head? so let's me wear classic pantyhose, peep, my tiny skirt right now! And don't forget about my tight jeans - my big juicy round balls looks perfect in it; you can choose any thing from my collection! I also have role play costumes(nurse, secretary, maid, bunny, daddies girl, army girl, etc.) and tons of great device, so believe me you will not be disappointed! All pics on my page that i have made on my own cam, so you may be sure - you can see same pose, same outfits and same quality of picture when i'll give you a show. Let's go now! And, finally, you can also ask me about your wishes, i'm open for it! let's have some good crazy fun! i'm waiting for you ! Turns on: love silky things, silk stocking, all things about men(the shape of their bodies, their scent), learning about adventures in real life!

Chat up online with Margaret

I'm a good girl with a nice personality and cute smile. I always like to dance and shake my body! I like to dress in red and to seduce you to discover all of me. Make me want you and I will get ready for you. I like to listen to people's problems and also their hopes and also share mine with them. I like to wear light dress because it makes me feel really nice and i also love wearing high heels for you. I enjoy webcam on my chat up line because seeing you stroking for me makes me soo raised. If you like long nails and luscious lips, i have it! I love giving everyone the best shows, especially my fans! I love my fans! Guys, don't forget to add me to your favorite list. If you have enjoyed my shows, please remember to vote! I am a girl who love to play in private, come to our room and talk to us, show us how nice you can be. I love finding new exciting things to try so come tell us your stories and wishes and you will not regret. -see all our exclusive photos for fan club members only! We update them regularly. I am friendly and a sociable, i like to smile a lot, i love to do it, because i know just one smile can already make your day, while we chat together i would like to see you too (but if you don't have camera it's ok) i have crystal clean professional camera, so you can see everything of me even my small moles in secret areas, i'm just perfect, nice body and beautiful soul so, come to my room. Probably i'm that girl which you search, think pink. Turns on: I like to do it hard and if I have the eyes bandaged to be of knees, still better! I'm here to make your dreams come true! i'm really friendly and tender girl! so, i do everything with big pleasure, like an angel but sometimes i have more wishes and i'm transforming into an angel with devils horns; love playing, i have great and nice show, is real and unforgettable surprises, I want to give pleasure, just come and see me! you want to feel the perfect mixture? take me now to the extreme.

Chat up online with Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am twenty four years old and I live in north Carolina. I am one who loves to have fun. I am not your wife and will do most of the things she won't! So let's have fun together! I am very good at role play just tell me your desire and I can play whatever role turns you on. I am a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets. I treat my fan club members with much love! I will have a 20 minutes recorded video on tomorrow of me and my husband having a game! There is also a video of me in a bubble bath just for my fan club members! Join and enjoy! private 2.99 - fan club 1.99. I will do phone in private, but only in private and I call you. If you run out of money don't be offended when I hang up on you just get more credits and i will call right back, nothing personal! Turns on: Any man who loves to watch a playful woman until she explodes. I am not here to waste your time so please tell me what you like! I wanna make you happy! If you make me happy in the process that is awesome. I love discussions on line so if you have a webcam turn it on! I do whatever is within the rules of the site for my fan club to make them happy. If you have a problem with anything I am able to help with, please tell me, I will call for you. Also I do live shows with my husband and chocolate shower shows for my fan club members by apartment. If you would like to see one just tell me a time. I have many outfits, you just tell me what you like! I love a man who tells me exactly what he likes when in private. I would rather not waste your time. I can feel it, I can sense it, i just can't help it, why fight it, because i want it, fast or slow, assure fingers and tongue, intense took over my body, like a venomous desert scorpion, sending shock wave and sands chills, you driving me insane. I bet you won't regret my kisses. Question is it love or is it the voodoo that you do when you do, how you do, what you do to, freaking me, like i like it. I just can't resist, my heart insist, I want it, I need it, I can taste it, freak me nice and slow. I can't wasted it, take it, as i lay you down, I am ready to break you down.

Chat up online with Lady

I am an experienced lifestyle lady and an expert on the art of female love. I enjoy wearing and playing with anything. I adore very high heeled shoes and boots, as well as tight corsets, uniforms, gloves, seamed stockings and costumes and much more... Turns on: I will discover and then exploit your weaknesses and desires, as you strive to serve and please me. I am a female who loves to control. I will guide you gently but firmly on a journey into the world on black to show you what is expected from you. A journey where you will discover all things from my mind! Accepted forms of address are Lady. My rules are quite simple. In addition to any pronouncement or decision I make at any time, I expect all to follow my rules, directions and decrees without hesitation. Do I make myself clear? I allow the privilege of an informal gossip and consultation before the session commence. All dreams need to be delivered succinctly and you must be clear about what you like and dislike. Turn off: I cannot read your mind! When you book me, introduce yourself and share your deepest desires openly. It is also important to share what you are not into as well. I enjoy the company of true, sincere and loyal, who strive to worship their lady in any way they can. I understand that is not just about a single hour session and believe that true mission know this as well. You will have never experienced such intensity before, never have felt as good, happy or aware and will certainly have never found your real place. Now you can, kneeling at my regal feet, showing your respect and gratitude. Make sure you fully understand what lies in wait for you. Be honest, open and truthful - to yourself as much as me. If you know what you want to get out of the session you will enjoy it so much more, as i will.

Chat up online with Irene

Hello guys! You are reading my profile, so you are interested, aren't you? I'm funny girl. I got a lot of places, wanna discover them? You tell me which is the best! Don't join my fan club or you will get a blister on your soft finger watching all my recorded shows for free! Just kidding, I have nothing to hide from my fans! Because they are very special to me and they will always have the best piece of cake(if you know what i mean). My fans, thank you for being with me, i really appreciate this! And feel free to email me, i will always answer to you as soon as i can. Turns on: I like the guys with good brain, good tongue(using it not just for talking but for...), i love good massage, i would melt in your arms. I love to feel how your finger grow as you watch my show. I want you to get your best video with me. Just don't make a mess on your keyboard please! People with the weak heart are not allowed in my private room! Well guys, i can talk too, not just shake me in private, can you believe? He, he. You will be surprised if you try to get to know me. But if you come to private to talk with me and to get to know me just let me know before i start getting undressed Turn off: Guys who think that they have a head just to eat. Guys which says faster and which don't says hello, thank you and bye bye. I always try my best to please you in private so take one second(don't know how much it will be in dollars) to appreciate it. They say: "Nothing costs so little and values by people so much as politeness." So let's be nice to each other and enjoy our time together. One minute guys are big turn off too! Hey guys, i'm not in an army to get undressed in 45 seconds. Try to get dressed and undressed every single minute for six hours and you will understand what I'm talking about. Guys who think that i'm a picture on their screen and i have no feelings. Hey, I am alive! I'm a normal girl with my dreams, thoughts, feelings and my body is normal too, so don't be surprised if i will not be able to bite my elbow in private, it's not because i don't want to, it's because i just can not. I am a quite sincere person, so if i tell you something nice i mean it, ok? I hate liars and cowards who take advantage on people, especially when they are far away and i can not look in their eyes when they try to insult me. I got a very good memory, so, liars be aware!